Eyelash Extensions are a revolutionary way to EXTEND and VOLUMIZE your natural eyelashes for a beautiful-looking eyelashes. Developed to mimic your natural eyelashes, each eyelash is individually applied to a single eyelash, resulting in a gorgeous, natural appearance.
Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes, eyelash flares or implants. Safe and comfortable to wear, Eyelash Extensions are never applied directly to your skin or eyelid. With routine touch ups every two to three weeks, you can have amazing eyelashes indefinitely.
At ALLURE LASHES, we consult with each and every client to design and recommend the type of extension that best fits each person’s features. Our designs range from the most natural to the most dramatic of looks, which compliment each individual’s overall image and facial features. Our stylists individualize the shape, material, growth pattern, and curl of the extensions to your specific needs. Our specialists cater to your specific requirements. You will see and feel the difference!
Natural Classic Lashes
No one will guess that these aren’t the real things. This full set of lashes is understated enough for the office and sexy enough for date night. Natural with a perfect glossy-black finish, you can take these lashes anywhere.
Allure Classic Lashes
This versatile set of lashes is glam with a jet black. Made from luxury mink, these beauties are carbon black and sumptuously soft with a sleek, silky finish.
Hybrid Lashes
This is a blending of both the Classic and Volume eyelash extension techniques. Volume fans and Classic eyelash extensions are intermixed to create a fuller lash line. This gives a slightly fluffier appearance to the lashes than straight Classic eyelash extensions.
Volume Eyelash Extensions
Designed to provide as much volume as possible, but in a way that does not overload or damage the natural lashes, this new technique promising the most stunning results. Volume eyelashes are superfine and incredibly light, they last longer than classic eyelash extensions due to their lightweight and the amount applied. This is luxury, full, luscious, and totally irresistible!
Mermaid Lashes
Pump up the party with some wild lash action! Spice up your look for any special event with fun colored lashes distinctively applied by our lash artists. You’ll look unique, fun, and strikingly beautiful!
Full Set Junior Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Natural Classic Lashes 150 165 200
Allure Classic Lashes 165 185 200
Volume Lashes 200 250 350
Hybrid Lashes 230 270 360
Add on Junior Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Mermaid/Color Lash 20 40
Mink upgrade 10 10 10
Eyelashes removal 30 30 30
At ALLURE LASHES, we always inspect each of your lashes. Not only do we replace lashes that have fallen out, but we also remove and replace extensions that have grown out too far from the lash line.

If you have ever a bad experience getting lash extensions from anyone else, email or call us to schedule a free consultation. We are more than happy to provide you all our knowledge on how to safely enhance your eye beauty.
Eyelashes Refill 1 WEEK 2 WEEK 3 WEEK 4 WEEK 5 WEEK
Natural Classic Lashes 40 55 80 100 130
Allure Classic Lashes 50 70 85 110 140
Volume Lashes 60 80 125 160 190
Hybrid Lashes 65 85 140 175 195

*Refill service charges are always counted from the date of your last paid appointment.

First time refill with junior stylist – 89.00
First time refill with senior stylist – 125.00
First time refill with master stylist – 150.00

Master Stylist: $9.99 surcharge on original refill price
Senior Stylist: $4.99 surcharge on original refill price
*Prices subject to change without notice. Special promotional prices for new sets or membership packages are for select stylists for a limited time. You will be charged a one-time fee of $35 if you would like to switch to a different stylist for your next appointment. We can not guarantee your regular stylist will be available for your desired time.

Initial service (includes 1 follow up touch up within 6 weeks): 500.00
Initial service (excluding follow up touch up): 400.00

6-8 weeks
8 weeks-5 months
5 months-12 months
12 – 16 months
16 – 18 months

*Prices subject to change without notice.
This technique involves using very fine needles to implant pigment under the skin, completed with fine, hairline strokes that look softer and more natural than a traditional, solid eyebrow tattoo. Typically, results from microblading will last anywhere from 1 to 3 years, depending on your skin. Touch-ups are recommended every 12 to 18 months, and if you do not get touch-ups the brows will gradually fade away over time. During the procedure pain is relative and dependent on the recipient. Some feel more discomfort than others, but overall it feels like little scratches; noticeable but not unbearable. A topical numbing cream will be applied throughout the process to dull the discomfort.

Microblading Brows Treatments are Perfect for:
1. Hair loss and lack of definition
2. Thin brows caused by years of over plucking
3. Chemotherapy or Alopecia
4. Scars
5. Lengthening short eyebrows
6. Thickening thin eyebrows
7. Correcting asymmetry
8. Active lifestyles
9. Trouble applying conventional makeup
10. Tricotillomania

What are your cancellation or missed appointment policies?
Clients are able to cancel or reschedule appointments at anytime with a minimum of 48 hours notice prior to the appointment time, otherwise a fee will be charged. To book a reservation, you must provide a valid credit card that is in your name. No charges will be made at time of booking. For a more detailed list of policies and associated fees, please click here. To cancel or reschedule, please email or call us. Confirmation of cancellation will be done by email or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microblading?
Microblading, also known as Eyebrow Embroidery is a procedure categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, it is less invasive and is considered semi-permanent. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type and skincare routine. The procedure is done by using a hand tool with ultra fine needles and each ‘hair’ is gently etched into the skin, giving an incredibly natural and realistic look. Microblading can dramatically correct or fully reconstruct lost eyebrow and is excellent for those wanting to enhance their brows or who have little to no eyebrows, thinning brows from age or over tweezed brows. Pigments used are chosen to match the natural or desired brow color and skin tone will also be taken into consideration.
How long does it take?
For the first Microblading session, the entire procedure should take about 2.5-3 hours. During this session, the brow technician will shape and style the client’s brows for client approval. We then follow with pigment color selection. Once the client is satisfied with the choices, we begin the procedure.
The client is to come in for a follow up visit in order to have any minor necessary touch ups. The second Microblading session takes place after 4-6 weeks after the initial session. This session will take approximately 1.5-2 hours to complete
How long does it take to heal?
The eyebrow area will be slightly red after the procedure and color will appear very dark. This is normal for the procedure and part of the healing process. The color will fade by up to 40% as it heals. In the following days, the eyebrows will continue to be dark and you will notice slight scabbing. Do not pick at the scabs as this may damage the skin and the outcome of the microbladed area. The eyebrows will lighten up in color as it heals. No down time is required after microblading procedure. It takes approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the color to fully set in. You’ll notice the color is very light right after the two weeks after healing; the skin will have an opaque milky looking quality to it. This is known as the milk skin and is common in tattooing. This is due to the the tissue still healing from the inside out even though the surface of the skin is healed. True color will reveal itself once healed.
Is the touch up session necessary?
Yes! A touch up session after 4-6 weeks is necessary as everyone heals differently and outcome will vary. Certain areas may not pick up during first session and will need to be refilled. Pigment color may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and more strokes can be added. Individuals with oily skin often require a deeper shade during the touch up session as the oils tend to lighten the pigment. Most importantly, your touch up session is when we refine your brows to ensure it looks perfect and retains the color for the whole year!
Can I get my touch up session sooner than 4 weeks?
Touch up sessions should not be done earlier than 4 weeks after initial microblading session as pigment color has not fully settled into the skin. Most importantly, this is to prevent scar damage as the tissue requires time to completely heal.
Is it painful?
The pain level for the procedure is considered mild to none. Prior to the procedure your brow technician will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the area, and also reapplied during the procedure. Everyone responds differently to anesthetic; depending on the client, the feeling of the procedure has been described as light cat scratches to not feeling anything. Topical anesthetics used may contain lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine and epinephrine.
After the procedure, redness and slight swelling in the area is normal. Clients describe the area feeling similar to a light sunburn. Clients can take Tylenol but not aspirin or ibuprofen.
How long does it last?
Since microblading pigments are not implanted into the skin as deep as traditional tattoos, the area will naturally fade overtime. Microblading typically lasts 1-3 years, depending on skin type (normal, oily, dry), age (youthful/mature). Skincare routine will also affect the lasting effect of the pigment: patients who tan, uses products with AHA or Glycolic Acid with fade faster as your skin will resurface faster. Each individual’s color retention within the skin will vary. To maintain the brows looking fresh, a touch up is suggested every 12-18 months. Clients can let the microbladed area fade over time, but please note a slight shadow may remain.
What are the pre and post care procedures?
In order to achieve the best results, it is best to follow the pre and post care instructions.

Prior to your procedure, clients are advised of the following:
Avoid alcohol and aspirin/ibuprofen and any vitamins that may thin your blood for 72 hours.
Avoid tanning so we can assess your natural skin tone.
No face scrubs or chemical peels at least two weeks prior.
Feel free to come in with their brow makeup on so our technician can see your every day look you prefer. Reference pictures of shapes and colors of brows are always welcomed. We will then work together to create the perfect brows!

After your procedure, clients MUST follow these instructions:
Within 2 hours after the procedure, clean brows using a q-tip and lightly moisten with distilled or cooled downed boiling water. Gently wipe away the old healing balm and any lymphatic liquid (clear yellowish liquid) that may have built up. Lightly pat dry with tissue and using a new q-tip, re-apply healing balm to the brows.
Make sure to apply a light layer of healing balm morning and night to brows for at least 5-7 days.
Do not over apply healing balm.
Do not immerse brow area in water for 14 days. When showering, make sure to avoid face area. When cleaning or washing face, make sure to avoid brows and clean around it.
Do not put makeup on the brow area for a minimum of 10 days. Microbladed area is an open wound, using makeup may cause infections.
Acrylic Acrylic

When it comes to hair removal, professionalism, safety and efficiency are key. That’s why every one of our hypoallergenic hair removal treatments is conducted by our most experienced beauty professionals who gently and precisely remove unwanted hair from the eyebrow, lip, chin, underarm and other areas.
Each treatment includes a consultation, full hair removal, trimming or tweezing if necessary, and a soothing treatment.

Upper Lip
Lower Lip
Full Face
Eyebrow tint
Eyelash tint
Lash Lift

The following Packages Include Brides Wedding Hairstyle, Airbrush/Traditonal Makeup Plus Lashes (lashes optional) for The Bride and Her Bridal Party Members

Bride Only Package: Trial Run and Wedding Day Services
Bride plus 1 Party Member
Bride plus 2 Party Members
Bride plus 3 Party Members

$180 per each Additional Party Member
Travel fee may apply outside of North TX/Metroplex area
Contract and 50% deposit required to Book and Secure Your Wedding Date.
Remaining Balance being due 14 days prior to your special day.
Bride’s (Hair)
Bride’s Airbrush Makeup/Specialty Makeup
Bridal Party Member (Hair)

Removals Removals